CANN began accepting new top-level domain application cost $800 thousand

Beijing time on January 13th, according to foreign media reports, in January 12th, the United States began to accept the domain name management agency ICANN top-level domain name application.

to apply for a domain name registrar or agency will be required to use the online application system, the applicant needs to answer 50 questions.

round of application deadline is April 12th.

It is reported that

, every.Com,.Net, or similar.Org top-level domain application fee of $185 thousand, after the domain name to start at a cost of $500 thousand, the annual operating costs of $100 thousand, so the application in top-level domain institutions are not many.

noted, ICANN large increase in the number of top-level domain caused by multinational dissatisfaction, think it will increase their defensive register to prevent others from registering and burden.

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