A5 figure Wang do intermediary transactions for 7 years

When the

A5 transaction intermediary essay activities organized by A5, I think that we do intermediary transactions has gone through 7 years, in recent years to do business, there are a lot of feelings, bitterness, joy, confusion and persistence, in great harvest, here to share with you.

A5 deals 7 years overall handling of more than 70 thousand transactions, the total transaction amount exceeds 300 million. Because the root of grassroots webmaster circle, met a lot of grassroots stories in the transaction process, the story of many unknown, and very memorable, just write some, not only involved in the essay, and recorded once bit by bit.

founder A5 deal to get to know the grassroots circle of friends

first pen intermediary business, in 06 years, when A5 was just established not long, the intermediary transaction has just started, in the exploratory stage. Cai Wensheng was to recommend a navigation station, offer 200 thousand, he immediately agreed and paid me over, easy butt success, this is the beginning of a relatively large amount of money is also more successful cases, but also a good start. As long as the grassroots website, Cai boss are very supportive, he is the real understanding of the grassroots business of big brother, and has been supporting numerous grassroots webmaster. I feel for the intermediary is also a bit of thought, began to use discuz to do a forum, the sale of all the transaction information gathered together.

in the webmaster circle intermediary, has been relatively calm, not too much dispute. Regardless of the size of the amount, both sides are happy, even encounter disputes, has more than 70 thousand transactions, nor confused, even met a lot of differences, find the reasons from the back, we contact the buyers and sellers to communicate with each other, each step can also resolve. It can be said that the transaction is also a process of communication, in the process, A5 transactions, sellers, buyers three parties can become friends. After all, everyone is in the circle of grassroots veteran, as a webmaster topic also has resonance, to better understand the hardships. Even if there is misunderstanding, or which side of some impatience or even angry, as long as we bear the heart to help them communicate, and ultimately can resolve the misunderstanding. Do service, it is necessary to bear the heart to solve the user’s difficulties to meet their needs, which is also a A5 transaction can become a brand and the reasons for the accumulation of high reputation.

A5 because the intermediary transactions only 2% intermediary fees, this one profit is very limited, do one hundred million, only less than 2 million of the revenue, but also a lot of bank remittance fee deduction. But in the course of these transactions, the accumulation of word of mouth, to create a brand, but also to attract a lot of valuable users, but also make a lot of grassroots circle of friends. For example, in addition to our official A5 technical team, in the network and hundreds of cooperative technical force, they are scattered throughout the country, as do the task mode through the A5 platform to do trading together, basically can quickly solve the technical problems of the general network, we have attracted most of the Internet related source software resources and, founded a group network (etuan.com) mall, each.

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