General Administration of press and publication of the seventh batch of exposure of the list of 19 p December 16 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Qu Jing) press and Publication Administration announced the 16 batch of seventh 19 pornographic content illegal website list, involving the spread of 22 pornographic Flash games and mobile phone games. According to statistics, in the whole society to resist the trend of Internet pornography and vulgar wind, the country has nearly 400 sites because of jurisprudence was named".

recently, the General Administration of press and publication on the provision of online Flash games and mobile games download services for a variety of sites for centralized monitoring and clean-up review. The review found that the Chinese embroidery network game network, students successful training game, rookie League, love cartoon network, leisure park, Linyi online, game game, small game channels are 17 websites such as online pornography Flash gaming service, love box, 2 new soldiers download pornographic mobile phone website the game download service.

General Administration of press and publication of the relevant responsible person said, to publish and disseminate pornographic and vulgar content sites, will be ordered to remove the relevant content and close related columns or channel; the rectification ineffective, continue to spread pornographic and vulgar content, according to the law to stop its access service and close the site; the rectification, refused to commit crimes against the wind that will be transferred to public security organs shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

since 2010, the General Administration of press and publication has been announced to the public on a regular list of six batches of pornographic websites to disseminate pornographic content. At present, local news publication management department is within the jurisdiction of the illegal site investigation and analysis, and hope to support business and public administration of press and publication work together to create a healthy and civilized Internet environment.

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