Micro-blog enabled weibo.com or accelerate spin off listing


Sina micro-blog will be officially opened tomorrow (April 7th) new domain name weibo.com

April 6th morning news, today TechWeb exclusively learned that sina will be officially opened tomorrow (April 7th) new domain name weibo.com (). Analysts believe that sina enabled this independent domain name indicates that the date of the micro-blog spin off further approaching.

according to informed sources, in order to ensure the normal use of existing users, Sina entered the domain of the coexistence of the two stages of micro-blog. In the meantime, the user can use the new domain name weibo.com or the old domain name t.sina.com.cn can log on Sina micro-blog, two domain names coexist for some time, eventually unified into weibo.com.

it is understood that in the mobile Internet, the existing WAP domain name t.sina.cn will automatically jump to weibo.cn, and will not affect the normal use of the user. At the client level, users can still use the existing client products Sina micro-blog services, there is no change in the use of the process.

it is reported that sina micro-blog has been a seamless transfer of information to existing users, including micro-blog content, friends, personalized domain names have been retained. In addition, Sina micro-blog’s current variety of applications will continue to provide users with services.

in the product features, Sina micro-blog recent moves constantly. In recent years, Sina has launched a series of micro-blog AIR client, micro group, micro territory and a series of functions and applications of micro music. In addition, sina CEO Cao Guowei also announced in 2010 earnings release, will launch a new version of micro-blog in the second quarter, when it will integrate instant messaging capabilities.

up to now, the number of registered users of sina micro-blog broke through the 100 million mark, Sina shares also benefited from the rise. As of April 5th, Sina shares rose to $116.56, the market value of $7 billion 110 million.

in April last year, Sina set up a dedicated micro-blog products division, responsible for the development of micro-blog products, operations and planning, general manager of the original product division Peng Shaobin, general manager of micro-blog products division.

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