Ali in May second batch of fried letter ticket 47 Taobao stores closed shop brush single checked


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exclusive reporter learned from the Alibaba, the Alibaba group opened half a month ago May first fried ticket to the Tmall business letter, today (May 22nd), a Alibaba since May second ticket: 47 market Taobao business has been verified in simulation of brush ", according to the relevant rules of the Taobao platform impose the most severe punishment measures for attachment shop. This shows that in the Alibaba retail platform, business speculation credit has become a high-risk behavior".

reporter learned that this group was the longest time to sell businesses punishment for 107 months, the shortest time to sell for 4 months, the average time to sell for 35 months, among which there are 26 crown sellers, the highest star crown 4.

April 18th, Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba group retail platform business group attended the conference of the seller had solemnly stated, in May for the introduction of the letter merchants will be very severe punishment measures.

as a special department responsible for identifying and combating false transactions and participation of the group, the group of Alibaba this year, the Ministry of security set up a special governance hype team". Relevant responsible person said in an interview with reporters, the future combat speculation is believed to be the "new normal", the Alibaba will publicize a Taobao and Tmall return ticket platform "speculation letter" businesses; by lifting a false reputation for selling fried letter, sale of bad businesses, crack down and investigate its legal liability at all costs.

It is reported that

, the Alibaba is the fried letter false behavior into the business and personal credit system of the Internet on the Internet, any false behavior will be recorded, the line under the line of credit conditions will be affected. Alibaba to remind the majority of businesses do not participate in speculation, but should focus on product development, customer maintenance and marketing promotion, fried letter will only; consumers don’t The loss outweighs the gain. "account to lend to others, do not easily believe that WeChat, QQ group is similar to the" 0 yuan purchase "the risk of shopping behavior to avoid the" fired letter "affect their credit scores, can enjoy" speed refunds "service.

in recent years, Alibaba has invested a lot of resources for the development of new technology to identify false transactions; at the same time using fake line sampling mechanism, recruit volunteers report fried business letter. The fried letter, at least the security department, a number of departments, rookie search, Alipay credit system team management, combined with industry and commerce, judicial administrative departments, the line of two pronged attack.

The Alibaba

group earlier this month said publicly that the new trend facing some bad businesses continue to transform the way with the letter, will buy from the seller to the user account registration, Ali platform transactions, to logistics, evaluation data monitoring, monitoring covering trade, logistics "link" and the recognition system. Keep the pressure to crack down on speculation letter.

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