nner Mongolia third nternet Conference held in Hohhot in November 30th

            in November 30th, the theme of "thinking and progress" in the third session of the Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster General Assembly held in Hohhot City Air China building on the third floor conference room, from the Union City of more than 120 Internet webmaster gathered together to discuss plans for the development of the Internet in Inner Mongolia. Currently, Inner Mongolia is still in the development stage of the Internet, network resources, regional limitations are very strong, very fragmented, capital, talent, the environment is the biggest constraint on the development of the three factors. At present, some small and medium-sized grassroots website began to fine, professional direction, the profit model is gradually improving.

Inner Mongolia Internet Conference has been successfully held the two session of the board, the hosted by the IT laboratory site in Inner Mongolia.

                  the morning of November 30th from the deputy director of the Inner Mongolia news network Yin Jiangbo, general manager of Inner Mongolia it laboratory show, Hua Jun software park general manager Jin Hua Jun, a hundred years ago, chairman Han Xiaobin, Inner Mongolia 3158 business network general manager Teng Xuefeng long fast code website Guo Jijun, chief network editor Chen Guoqiang attended the forum guests. At the forum, we are more popular on the SNS and the Internet in the winter to do an in-depth discussion, the guests on the one by one to do a detailed answer. In the afternoon, the guests made a wonderful keynote speech. Inner Mongolia news network news website Aman Chang keynote: Philosophy and business ideas; Teng Xuefeng keynote: about analysis, Inner Mongolia network marketing marketing team management experience; Han Xiaobin: the training team management experience of IT company; Hua Jun keynote: how small sites and local websites grow fast code website Guo Jijun; a grassroots webmaster experience. 18:00 PM, the successful completion of the general assembly.


webmaster sign in


www.zhaochafa.com webmaster Guo Jie in the signature office


the corner of each meeting on the table is the name of the website of the


hot meeting hall scene


moderator Mi Xiaobin (left), Hao Jing (right) announced the meeting began


organizers it laboratory in Inner Mongolia representative Jordan speech


conference sponsor representative Mr

Pao group


draw link


Inner Mongolia news network news website Aman Chang keynote: ideas and operation of the work

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