The establishment of the national domain name security alliance to push the national domain name sec

in March 27th, by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Communications Security Bureau as a guide unit, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) launched the "national domain security alliance" was formally established in Beijing, 28 units from the domestic domain name registration authority and domain name registration services become the first members of the league.

it is understood that the establishment of the union, the whole chain of the domain name industry integration, the formation of DNS Security Prevention and emergency treatment of the prior linkage mechanism, to enhance the national security domain.

Ministry of industry and information technology, communications security bureau network security management department deputy director Fu Jingguang said, the domain name system of the complexity and relevance, so that the separate action of any one node, any enterprise can not be spared, must be the domain name registration operation industry together, jointly advance safety monitoring and after the domain name domain name to effectively deal with the attack, "one stone Mottaki" in the domain of accident.

at present, China’s national top-level domain name ".CN" and "domain name service system. China" has completed the layout of the nodes and globalization, built two disaster recovery center in Beijing and Sichuan. In order to protect the security of the national domain name, CNNIC last year launched a national domain name public cloud resolution services for.Cn and the Chinese domain name users free of charge to provide safe, easy to use authoritative resolution service.

in order to protect the security of the national domain name system, CN domain name in the operation and application of two aspects of research and development efforts continue to increase. According to reports, the domain name CN: domain name system has established a national, national, multi dimension and distributed integrated data acquisition and monitoring platform, to achieve a comprehensive monitoring and DNS service system at all levels of information sharing security domain cn. At the application level of security, CNNIC independent research and development of a fishing detection system and jurisprudence detection system, the first time to effectively identify and determine the application of bad, to ensure the safe and reliable application of the domain name.

According to the

conference announced the alliance working rules, CNNIC will own fifteen years technical experience in the operation and management of the national domain name to the domain name industry transfer and extension, assist the alliance member layout of DNS DNS nodes, upgrade equipment, to enhance the safety factor of the whole country domain name system. Alliance also called for more and more representatives of the domain name industry to join the alliance to jointly safeguard the foundation of the information society.

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