No one can talk about it from the media

Qin Gang after returning to a teacher, entrepreneurial hot, hot weather, since the media hot. As a leader from the media, there is some truth. What’s your biggest concern from the media, like me, someone asked how to do it from the media?.

has various media since I also give myself raging like a storm, with a person from the media label, v5v1 media. My real name is 90 location since the first person, the media talk about marketing, talk about from the media, for such a long time, there are about 10 of their original articles, more than half of them pushed to the A5 and the owners of the house and Lu Songsong here, also, a month has brought me hundreds of like-minded friends, because the main audience of people from the media or the so-called self media. When everyone is from the media, some leaders have begun to make money from the media.

use Baidu Search from the media, you are most concerned about, 1, from the media, since the media is what? 2? 3, since the media, since the media age? 4? 5, from the media platform? 6, since the media WeChat marketing? 7, since the media have? 8

from the media alliance?The original

a few days ago I wrote that the webmaster people is how fun charging mode is from the media, that is called the circle of things called from the media alliance. What do you know about the first media alliance? WeMedia. There are a large number of domestic famous people, since the media alliance won the initial 200W yuan of angel investment, and has the effective value, after a year of effort, since the media alliance WeMedia for $3 million A round of financing, that is the core value of the media has been recognized by the industry, since the media recently two years of media forms, recently recent alliance is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain A new force suddenly rises. Including the most hot Qin, and WeChat’s alliance etc.. In this regard, I can only say if I do pay for the old circle, from the media alliance, is not able to do pioneer cutting-edge new media world? This I also not sure, even they are Lou loose in the trying.

from the media more theorists, not much to talk about the actual. In addition to the big figure, I also wrote a few days, every day to write the words I have nothing to write, some people and it is also a new join in confusion, since the media write not only to users, more is to look at, shaping the brand value, the process will experience a. Less than two months time, the first batch of media alliance since the beginning of the dissolution. Some people regard it as a hobby, it was regarded as a major event, it was regarded as a cause, we do not see the same in the commercialization of the problem. Sohu IT editor, is considered one of the most successful people from the media, said Pan Yuefei. For people from the media can persist for a long time, like Luo Pangzi as a recording adhere to 9 hours, to be tested, some time ago, some industry insiders also raised a large number of deaths from the media experience.


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