Tooling industry network marketing program can do this

: we know that the traditional decoration industry to do the customer is generally the need for market public relations, the majority of customer sources through the introduction of relationships and acquaintances. The decoration industry especially the tooling industry choose to do network marketing has a certain degree of difficulty, but with the development of the Internet, more and more customers for decoration service providers from the PC or mobile terminal, so through the network customer development prospects are very bright, and as long as the targeted mining user needs, guide tooling industry potential the strong demand of customers, the final completion of the transaction, it is not difficult to achieve this purpose.

is the work of the industry for the positioning of the customer base, website construction and network marketing programs, such as the following recommendations for reference.

first, tooling target customer analysis

1, low-end customers. Entrepreneurial companies, small companies, small and medium factories. This type of decoration for the decoration of the customer requirements are relatively low, can be divided into low-end. Features: simple, comfortable, cheap. So we have to do targeted promotion. Holiday activities, benefits. Save money and other marketing strategies and slogans.

2, end customers. Small and medium-sized enterprises, companies have a certain strength. Features: in the decoration of choice on the pursuit of cheap, personally think that this level of customers is the focus in marketing can focus on investment. Recommendations on the company’s website or external promotion of the case, focusing on decorative style (fashion, avant-garde, artistic, humane), but also to play high quality is not equal to the high price of the slogan.

3, high-end customers. Rich, and fixed assets of foreign companies, joint ventures – not bad money. This kind of customers in the economy is relatively rich, as long as the decoration of the high grade, high prices will not be too much care.

synthesis, according to different customer groups and grades, in the network marketing to develop different marketing programs. Such as bidding, for different grades of customers to develop different keywords. And on the company’s website, also can consider the three grades case show, let customers have a location and ownership (customers subconsciously to paddle a various grades and ranks).

two, network marketing program

1, required materials. Office space, computer hardware facilities, domain name, space, website, paid software, advertising investment, platform purchase, talent.

2, branch website form (general decoration company will have branch).

branch website form and the company’s official website, the use of independent domain name independent site. However, the company’s website, the company needs to have a two-way connection between the portal site, in order to show the company’s qualifications and strength, to achieve the effect of improving the amount of conversion. Of course, if you do not consider the natural ranking of the premise, can be directly used in the form of two domain names, so that better reflect the close relationship between the branch and the head office.

3, website construction. Site as a marketing carrier must have the decoration company should be "tall" visual effects, as

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