Shop mall promotion which landed professional web site

looking for a restaurant to eat a lot of people to buy things to find a business assistant to find the line. Because the food is good to eat more people, the line of the shop to pick up anything more than anything optional, there will be more natural, natural business is good.

Beijing Zhongguancun and Guangzhou Pacific computer city are typical in the computer industry, there are many throughout the large and small computer computer city street is the same, other industries such as fruit market, building materials market, clothing city and so on, all walks of life in the market. I love to buy clothes every large city to buy clothes, don’t go to the market to buy small clothing, because small clothes clothing market is too small, we see is what style, and is the pile, it is difficult to choose comfortable clothes. While large clothing city is not the same, which greatly small pile of very much, want to have 2 hours to each heap boss say hello (exaggerated, other inside the boss I did not know a few), clothes and style very much, either choose, small clothing market in here there are, there are a variety of brand stores, every time to buy satisfactory clothes. Here on Monday and Tuesday on a few points, a lot of people began on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday is the huge crowds of people, but the overall feeling of a small clothing market boss than many customers.

no matter what, as long as you open a side in the street alone into the city, there will always be some people know, customers will always have. But the network is different, do not website promotion, it is not known, in the era of information explosion, it can only become a lonely island in the sea of information, No one shows any interest in. However, many website promotion methods, Baidu or GOOGLE, appeared in front of the see without end, QQ, mail, advertising text and image ads, paid and unpaid…… these jobs are in a separate promotional work, your promotion is only useful on their website, no use to others, others will not from your promotion and get a good, you’re just a street alone into the city of shop assistant.

how to make the formation of large mall network greatly small shop mall organized, go into the city streets, and the interaction of promotion? 114 know-all reservation number, reservation booking everything can pass. This is the telephone directory assistance, China Telecom. I would like to introduce you to the phone number is not 114, but to buy 114. What is the 114 to buy: is to sell things on the 114, the natural thing to buy on the purchase of 114. Why? Because it is a city, it is the " 114 buy shopping website " station 114 are included in the collection of online shopping online shopping mall, regardless of the size of the site, all equal paternity, free. The site is classified according to the goods sold, the formation of all walks of life into the city on the streets. Customer convenience, business will naturally be prosperous. 114 there is also a very important and practical function, is more

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