QQ space fans interactive VS earnings

do interaction, that is to do our viscosity, this is what we need in any platform, this is mainly the quality of our fans. We will find that now 90% of the popularity of the basic number is only to update the content of space, and did not go to the link between us and friends to build up. All right, all we need is to make our relationship more close to our friends.

so what are the benefits of interaction with fans


first: avoid reporting

for this report, we may in the space inside is not necessarily a lot, especially now in WeChat, we have seen the report too much, this may be a relationship with our platform, we WeChat at the end of this article there is a report that as long as we see the end of the article, eyes slightly glanced about the can see. So you see, as long as they do not like, coupled with their own mood is not good, then it is directly reported to you. But it is not obvious for QQ, as shown in Figure:


We found that

is the final report of the ellipsis, for us ordinary households are hard to find, so we are relatively rare in the face of QQ report.

then this interaction and we report what? First of all, if we do the interaction is relatively good, so they will report you? Usually everyone relationship is quite good, even if you want to delete and delete silently leave, don’t say some abnormal, before you want to delete anyway, you want to delete all the way, you did not report what relationship, one or two people can not what relationship, but a dozen people that do, so for us is fatal to WeChat, is probably the title.

second: growing new fans

the growth of new fans, this is for our operation is crucial, we operate is possible only for our fans in the content, we need to be constantly on our growth of new fans. So we only content is not enough, we need is our content is spread out, how to spread? That is to rely on our fans forwarding, but we forwarded each say how much? Many people may forward is less a few percent of the amount of forwarding. Is not enough. A lot of fans think the content is good, but do not want to turn to turn. However, the relationship between the number of words, then a lot of fans are willing to forward, we will find that we always have one or two people in the space is your hardcore. You made the 90% no matter whether it is a good content, he will go forward.

third: late earnings

late earnings, whether we are doing their own products or advertising orders or good, we need is the quality of our fans and I

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