Unique features of the charm of the new international domain name sought after

in recent years, with.Com,.Net and other international top-level domain can be registered resources gradually scarce, many users are difficult to find a favorite domain name. In order to solve this problem, ICANN (ICANN) has opened a new batch of international top-level domain, the domain name.Sh double letters not only a brief note, but also the specific meaning; while.Mobi and.Travel are full of vitality, two mobile phone charge and potential of the tourism industry’s top domain name. Once the domain name was introduced, it caused great concern to the majority of users.

domain name is a website on the Internet "number", has an easy to remember domain name, in order to attract more visitors, to achieve more effective brand promotion. With.Sh,.Ac,.Io,.Mobi,.Travel and other top-level domain synchronization and opening up, domestic users can also register for the first time the domain name you need. Reporters learned that the gold registration agency era Internet (www.now.cn) to provide the most comprehensive new international domain name registration services.

literal meaning is extremely rich, but also an important reason for these new international domain names sought after by users. Such as.Sh domain name is very popular with domestic users. Because SH is not only the "shop" (store) mean, very suitable for business use; moreover, SH is "Shanghai" (Shanghai): Shanghai is the first international big city, China world famous metropolitan market, extraordinary appeal, many Shanghai local enterprises and many plans to enter the Shanghai home foreign enterprises are using the.Sh domain name to mark their Shanghai identity. At the same time, AC is referred to as the island of Ascension, but also has the academic meaning; IO is the British India Ocean Territory shorthand, and can be understood as "input and output interface". These domains have also attracted a wide range of professional companies and institutions.

.Mobi mobile phone,.Travel domain is the domain name of tourism recently you stir the topic. In China, the 3G license will be awarded, the use of mobile phone access to the Internet is not a distant dream. As a product of the 3G era,.Mobi mobile domain name has a broad application prospects, naturally concern. The next year, the Beijing Olympic Games held by the concept of China’s tourism hot embrace, China’s tourism industry is ushering in an unprecedented development opportunities. .travel travel domain introduced late last year is Chinese shengfengjishi, Ctrip Travel Network, travel, and other industry giants as well as Zhangjiajie, Lijiang and other famous scenic spots, are the only domestic.Travel era of the Internet domain name registration organization registered their tourism industry top-level domain, actively participate in the world competition in the tourism industry.

industry experts said, such as the.Sh of the new international top-level domain, not only a brief note, rich resources, has its special meaning, very worthy of domestic enterprises registered; and.Travel domain has a valuable feature of the industry, have the right to "high

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