The story of a cigarette lighter and pass by

put in my jacket pocket the little lighter, always remind me, God is fair, equality of opportunity, but the opportunity is not banging drums, setting off firecrackers to find you, he is quietly came to the front of you. Seize the chance, only once……

my coat pocket, put a small disposable lighter, which I bought yesterday from the stalls, 1 lighter than the average disposable lighter, black head, red body. Printed a cursive "clouds" of two words, the other side is Hongyun group logo, a red sea of clouds, the golden sun is rising, the pattern is below "Hongyun group" and "Hongyun group". On this side of the lower edge, printed almost too small to see the red group domain name: Although for others, this is just an ordinary can no longer ordinary lighter, but for me it has a special meaning.

the second half of 2005, as to the unit website, I came into contact with the domain name, often online, pay close attention to the domain name. One day, I saw a piece of news on the Internet, Yunnan Kunming two Qujing cigarette factory merger of Hongyun group. I naturally think see Hongyun group have entered the website, naturally, the result is a domain name for sale page. According to the above left the phone call in the past, is a Beijing friend, I told him I was interested in this domain, because the Hongyun is the "fortune", I said I open a shop, the name is "fortune". Of course I want to know my friend is the excuse, but I basically estimated that he was because of geographical, perhaps not too clear what form of Hongyun group. The friend said that the price of the domain name is relatively high, if only a small shop, then it is not necessary to consider. I said or asked him to a price, he was out of the X million.

because of the high price, so I did not continue to communicate with him. One or two months later, when I enter the domain name again, Hongyun group website jump out…… In the face of the red home, then I seem to realize that I might lose a chance…… All the clouds, China smokers who don’t know? Hongyun group, many cattle group!…… Yes, the price is very high, it is possible that I could not get down, but this is not my regret, unfortunately, I did not continue to contact……

later, I found the transfer of registered information from the whois, but what can I say to him?

at the moment, I once again picked up in the hands of this lighter look: this lighter has no flame size switch, then sell me a lighter little girl, you buy it, this can not adjust the flame size and gas is very soon. I told her I liked the lighter. In fact, she knows where, there is a story of regret.


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