Analysis the secret weapon of visual marketing marketing

at present, the visual marketing is more and more popular. Pinterest website recently launched a business survey, Twitter companies are doing image search, Facebook website, 53% of the user community pictures better than other content. If you are doing online marketing, you will find that the picture will become more and more mainstream in the long text. Traditionally, you have two options:


is an excellent way to increase visual appeal. But try to avoid the use of people who shake hands, look blurred or the computer does not matter the picture, otherwise there is no meaning. Of course, if you have time and interest, you can use your own photos.


it would be a great thing to be able to create a novel and highly attractive chart with a clear picture of complex information. But with these new charts were sought after by people, extensive, excessive use. After a period of time will eventually lose the luster of the past, become very ordinary, ordinary.

so the problem will follow, you need to make full use of visual marketing to make your visual effects are different. However, when we all use the same basic tools to do to highlight you out of the ordinary? Some agile marketers think of third ways – a familiar but has never been fully using visual secret weapon…


you’ll always see them, and you may even be a loyal fan of them. But maybe you never thought about using them in the past. Whether it is a company like SEOmoz Roger mozBot so cute mascot, like a small business trends commonly used functions such as Friday cartoons, or many art everything about Macleod gapingvoid. Comics should be the secret weapon of visual marketing.

so how do you make Comics the only thing you can do? Here are some of the advantages of comics over other visual effects:



I think cartoons are like a little story. When you set the character, the dialogue and the story. You will be surprised to find that a picture with one or two sentences can convey a lot of information. Because the content is short, visual intuition and story humor, will be able to arouse people’s memories.



enjoy a cartoon like opening a gift, make you curious and happy. You will be full of fantasy, constantly imagine what may be loaded. The dog in the lab? What’s the equation? What’s happening? What are they doing?

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