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as the micro business, there are some cannot bear to think of the past in the past. Began to do micro business at a loss, after a period of time a few single and impatient as, every day people feel a headache every day in the blind Shuabing… In fact, do anything to emphasize the method, as a derivative of newcomers how to deal with? I (An Dongsheng) with their own practical experience to summarize do the following micro business experience:

a, positioning

do micro business is the most important to their own positioning. If you are a newcomer, do not make snap like a hodgepodge of business.

not only to sell clothes, but also to do jewelry, but also do cosmetics, I believe you will not do, but their own energy exhausted, do things in vain.

products are not doing as much as possible, but to have the main auxiliary, the more you sell, the more customers feel that you are not reliable, you are difficult to establish a true image of authority in the customer’s mind.

of course, unless you have done a lot, has formed its own visibility, such as Jingdong, Gome, Tmall, etc.

soldiers your fine and not quantity, intentnesses, focus, once you make up the volume, it is hard to avoid making money.

two, the product should be selected for

first, only make money products

what kind of products to make money on the basis of ensuring customer experience, to see whether it is innovative, whether it is easier for consumers to contact, whether consumers are sticky. Are up, then the product can definitely help you make a lot of money.

second, do not make money products do not

if you are not interested in the products you run, your customers will be less interested. The first time you see this product can arouse your interest, it can stimulate consumer desire to buy.

third, which is the most important point, that is, remember the above two points.

three, the source of the problem

treat customers like a sniper, to loneliness. Now as before to do micro business, brush screen can do.

now big competition, to pay attention to methods. Consumers pay more attention to the service, the requirements have become higher. Therefore, the premise of customer stability is your service to do a good job, the customer is raised.

four, turnover problem

trust is a wonderful thing, how to let others trust to deal with us?

simply, there are a few points:

A. product license.

B. purchase channels, logistics single what exposure.

C. there is a map with the truth. I have photos in WeChat products.

D. conversation by intuition. Of course, there are also small companies do not genuine customer issues to the main.

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