Out of a batch of 4.Cn domain name

      domain have been Baidu, Google, Yahoo, and many other sites included a search, very suitable for station station of
In view of the current

.Cn 4 letters, especially the four day initial speed is amazing, the following quotation is valid since the posting date is valid for 30 days, 1 months later I will according to the market conditions at the time of pricing

is a yuan renewals meters, have to renew after March 2009

given by the virtual host has the following functions

1: double line high speed resolution
2: host security chain function
3: powerful host background management

Sold by

according to the different quality of our domain is divided into a, B, C and D four classification, price gap


(virtual host
ebde.cn  send 500M);       300 yuan
4rm.cn          300 yuan

B (send 200M virtual host)
hohc.cn        200 yuan
kokc.cn        200 yuan
jvjc.cn        200 yuan
gvgc.cn 200 yuan         200


C A (send 100M virtual host)   />mhwq.cn   
mrnw.cn        150 yuan
lxpq.cn        150 yuan
lxpq.cn        150 yuan
gngt> 150 yuan

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