Do you know the heart of your subordinates

In the modern enterprise management work, there are many issues about the reward has been discussed. What is the purpose of rewarding employees? The individual thinks that the reward of the enterprise should be based on the principle that the employee is bound to maximize the economic performance of the organization. That is to say, the reward is purposeful and targeted, that is to say, the employees are rewarded by the enterprise, and the employees are expected to act in the way that the enterprise organization is supposed to do. Therefore, we can say that the purpose of the reward is to cause a certain behavior. Here I use the word constraint. The incentive policy of the enterprise and the enterprise rules and regulations constitute a channel, the staff in this channel to access to the enterprise organizational goals and personal goals.

1. reward is not something people cherish.

clear on one point: the behavior itself is objective, people always take action to achieve some things they think are important. Many enterprises in the development of enterprise incentive plan, often subjective judgment of the work of the staff. In many enterprises in the reward program, to distinguish between individual value and not very detailed, so the reward plans are often also formed to a standard to all the staff. These two aspects of the formation of such a situation: enterprise incentives to employees and can not cause the interests of employees. This is a typical way of thinking of equivalent value. On the issue of values is not the focus of this article, so it is not too much to say, only a clear point of view: each person’s values are not the same. For example, there is no point in making a fine painting of the little match girl. I have already mentioned that the purpose of the reward is to induce a specific behavior of the employee, so the reward should be attractive enough for the staff, and only in this way can we make it a kind of motivation.

2. rewards will also become another form of punishment.


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