nternet name and address Distribution Agency (CANN) prospectus

(First Amendment in October 29, 1999, second revision in July 16, 2000)

second membership

third transparency and procedures

fourth power


seventh various committees of the board of directors

tenth general terms

eleventh financial matters

The twelfth articles of the revised

The main office of

second seal

the community did not "California non-profit societies act" (CNPBCL) the provisions of the " members, whether the use of other bills regardless of the articles of association, the board decided to plan for the election and the board of directors; members of the word ". However, the club will allow individuals (in this Constitution called " members of ") activities in accordance with the provisions of article two and Zhang Chengdi by the board of directors election plans to participate in the resolution of the association, but shall not exceed the scope of the provisions of article second of the board of directors and the resolution of the election plan.

second 2000 five free board election plans

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