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technology news August 29th afternoon news, Tmall announced the whole fashion after the first "Tmall fashion" in 2014, Tmall released the new autumn and winter, online activities began three days of sales reached 5 billion, more than 1 million people enjoy the "try before you buy" shopping experience, and watch and buy online shopping as a new way by 90 white Formica favored.

August 25th -29 new day is still online activities, more than 302 thousand and 14 years at home and abroad, the new autumn and winter, more than 300 models of the same star debut. The Tmall brand fashion blockbusters and special fashion show, fashion brand tonality significantly improved during the activities began after the Yin man, Adidas, Han clothing brand activities turnover up over 5-11 times daily.

90 after the White House is more favored while looking to buy

while looking to buy as a new kind of Tmall saw a new shopping model, a rich application scenarios and presentation. In the new wind is still part of the online activities, while looking to buy is to enjoy the consumer fashion show video, you can click on the model to buy the way to wear, to achieve the interaction between consumers and brands.

through the preference for the service buyers crowd distribution data analysis shows that 1/3 of which is 90, more than the drill level accounted for more than 41%, and the proportion of women is a man of about two times. The collection of those traits, portrayed the pursuit of fashion pleasure 90 white Formica consumption Facebook through big data.

it is reported that in 2013 the latest ranking of Chinese cities show that the first tier cities 19, including the North Canton, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc.. The side while watching the experience of the 19 cities in the crowd is significantly higher than other cities.

million people "try before you buy"

Three days

Tmall fashion before the event, there are more than 1 million consumers are the first to experience the "try before you buy", this is Tmall rely on their own big data, according to a new consumer spending habits to launch experiential services. Because it eliminates many of the concerns of consumers, enhance shopping confidence, in August 25th the first day of the activities of the new Tmall is 438773 people experience. Compared to July, the first time since the first test of Tmall clothing service, the average number of people experiencing a 2.77 increase.

try before you buy a Tmall dress ecosystem effect test. Not only enjoy the convenience of consumers to get a good shopping experience, but also for the brand new fashion business has a significant role in promoting. Try before you buy through consumer feedback, the merchant can know whether the products are welcomed by the market, and the lack of products, timely adjustment of marketing strategy, enhance brand favorability, and merchants can accelerate the rate of capital return.

1 million 100 thousand people shopping theme shopping

fashion event in the "60s dress", "gentle touch knitting", "your destiny jewelry".

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