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                  April 2nd, Interim Measures for the network behavior of commodity trading and related services management drafted by the State Administration for Industry and commerce "(Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures" ") was announced on its official website and to the public comments.

"Interim Measures," the appearance of the immediate cause of public concern and hot. As at 12 o’clock on April 3rd, on the General Administration of industry and Commerce on the regulation of online transactions public opinion survey shows that more than 7500 people participated in the vote. Among them, more than 3700 Internet users participated in the vote to support.

is the most Internet users concerned about the "Interim Measures" relating to "network operators real name system" and "violating operators blacklist" clause, users hope to effectively curb the current problems existing in online shopping, and effectively protect the interests of consumers in the online shopping.

this is what the entire online shopping market is looking forward to." On behalf of the online shopping industry, the chief operating officer Zhang Yong himself said excitedly, "we certainly support."

experts and online shopping site official told reporters, thanks in large part to mainstream online shopping sites have implemented the real name registration and signed the relevant agreement of the user, so the "Interim Measures" will be more for small and medium-sized online shopping website have great influence, a number of small sites can then be cleared out of the market.

reporter yesterday from the Guangzhou City Council to obtain statistics from last year about online shopping, consultation, reporting, complaint cases as many as more than 1 thousand and 100, has increased significantly compared to previous years. Where the network address is false, after the purchase of online shopping is not shipped, the quality of online shopping is not three packages and other issues of complaints and complaints.

domestic consulting firm iResearch senior analyst Zhang Yanping believes that the introduction of the "Interim Measures", is a good news for Chinese network market, "electronic commerce than before the introduction of policies and regulations, the management approach focuses more on the norms and constraints of the actual transaction behavior, more practical."

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