Everyone’s interest free loan details of the introduction of the first loan

December 15th morning news, Renren (NYSE:RENN) launched for all employees of the "loan purchase plan" rules introduced recently, first through the project applicants have completed the loan process.

rules, the amount of the loan amount of employees between 20-40 million, the specific amount of loans to employees for the company’s service life, and I apply for a monthly salary of 30 months for the sum of the upper limit. If the employee’s declaration of the amount over the loans, loans will be in accordance with the standards prescribed in our age limit: our aged 2 years to 3 years, can apply for the loan limit of 200 thousand yuan; our aged 3 years to 4 years, can apply for a loan limit of 300 thousand yuan; our age 4 over the years, can apply for loans to a maximum of 400 thousand yuan.

apply for interest free loans to all employees of the company’s repayment time limit can be up to 8 years, but also sub A, B repayment plan of the two. A plan: within two years from the date of the audit by zero repayment from the loan application, the third year 72 months matching repayment scheme: B; through the audit within four years from the date of repayment of loans from zero, fifth years 48 months matching repayment. Monthly repayment amount is based on the loan amount of ÷ repayment cycle, the calculation of the conversion, employees can choose their own economic situation based on the repayment mode, you can choose to pay off the loan.

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