Trend category electricity supplier YOHO $100 million D round of financing


technology news July 15th morning news, the trend of electricity supplier category YOHO! Sony media group (hereinafter referred to as YOHO!) announced the completion of a total of nearly $100 million D round of financing, Shenzhen fortune venture capital investment led CMC, the Chinese Cultural Fund, the telescope capital and the original shareholders of Saif and Cheung Fung investment with investment.

according to the introduction, at present in the YOHO! There are more than 500 global brands of goods on the market, is expected to break through the end of the year will be 1000. YOHO Hao Jianyao, vice president of the group, said, founded in 2008, the trend of electronic business platform YOHO goods are an important part of the group’s business, last year’s turnover reached 1 billion yuan. Different from other vertical electric providers, located in the "public electricity supplier" YOHO! Have the goods as early as seven years ago began from the "cross-border shopping", then the concept of "cross-border" has not been mentioned, the corresponding business model is not yet mature, YOHO! Have the goods is a cross-border electricity supplier first walker."

completed D round of financing, YOHO will accelerate the integration of online and offline retail layout, a comprehensive upgrade of the supply chain and platform system. In March 2015, YOHO! Have the goods have been the warehouse area expanded eight times, established a standard warehouse with the domestic first-class, and invited including SF express company services, in order to protect the goods in the fastest time in the hands of the user service. The next step will be the establishment of Southern China, central and northern three distribution centers to further enhance the capacity of warehousing and logistics. At present, YOHO is increasing investment in the field of technology in order to achieve YOHO in the second half. With the support of the supply chain, logistics, platform three infrastructure upgrades, YOHO! Goods will become more open global trend of electronic business platform, bearing the global trend of sellers.

In addition,

, YOHO! Will also heavily embattle retail line, through the establishment of the lifestyle center trend, fully open up online and offline sales trend of consumer experience. According to the relevant person in charge, YOHO plans to use three to five years in the country’s major cities to establish a line experience center.

It is reported that

, YOHO! Was founded in 2005, initially in the fashion magazine "YOHO! Tide annals" started, and has introduced the trend of community, YOHO! There are goods business platform, "YOHO! Girl" YOHOOD "magazine, the trend of female fashion new Carnival" the integration of online and offline exhibition, YOHO Boys & YOHO Girls!! the media website and APP, APP-SHOW and other products share the social trend. YOHO! Get millions of dollars A round of investment CDH investments in December 2006, B won the June 2012 round of Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund, Cheung Fung capital and CDH investments, tens of millions of dollars of investment, in January 2014 won the tournament 30 million dollars C round of investment. (Li Ge)

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