T2O new mode, the breakthrough of nternet of TV program

for the television media, they always follow the rules of the attention economy, by creating a leisurely television program, attracting viewership selling advertising. Today, with the impact of the Internet on traditional industries more and more, how the TV media have Internet thinking, how to upgrade the transformation of the electricity supplier, has become a serious problem they have to face.

we look at two cases:

A case of

, on the tip of the tongue "China" to the local economic benefits of the leading role is not small, this is probably the program makers unexpected, "the tongue 2" when launched, commercial power began to intervene, taobao.com become the exclusive body integrated communication tongue 2 test platform, on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" broadcast on the fifth day, 5844791 people have been searching for specialty snacks on the site, 20 million 50 thousand people visited the relevant page turnover of more than 729 pieces of delicacy. Tongue series has successfully created a sustainable development, can consume the brand image".

case two, a move to the tourism satellite TV industry is worth attention, their times and with AVIC LDK taobao.com announced to jointly develop the "T2O" (TV to ONLINE) new business models to explore tourism television commercial. The audience can watch the program, see his interest in the product, the aircraft using their own sales network throughout the country, the product to the user side, in addition to providing products for consumers, but also provide a full range of services for consumers. In the Lu Yu gift travel reality show, for example, after the broadcast of Taobao will be synchronized on the line, "the gift of Lu Yu" special topics, including interactive and overseas honeymoon tour and other product sales.

essence, T2O model is not a separate business model, it is based on the O2O model derived from a near focus on marketing, that is: TV TO Online, viewers can tune in on mobile phone directly sweep program LOGO, you can immediately buy programs with customized tourism products. In addition, the user in any case, as long as there is a program LOGO, you can come up with a mobile phone scan code to buy.

and after some media involved in the electricity business, "T2O" mode uses a two-dimensional code scanning directly into commodity linked mode, compared to enter the electricity supplier or mobile phone website again into the mode of operation is more convenient, and more adapt to the current needs of the mobile terminal development. Therefore, it is more convenient for the general audience to accept it.

so, T2O can become a breakthrough in the Internet TV media do?

on the current "T2O" to analyze the current situation, "T2O" can only be said to be an attempt to Internet TV show, on the tip of the tongue "Chinese" is completely unintentional, "Lu Yu’s gift" may be intentional, as to how the effect depends on the subsequent development.

traditional TV programs, more is to play a promotional role of the platform, and then they

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