Amazon does not have to open the checkout convenience store in the end will not open a large area

Intelligent Amazon Go

convenience store Amazon because of its smart convenience attracted a lot of attention, but Amazon will continue to open shop, this concept store depends on the current test success.


source: Vision China

Intelligent Amazon Go

convenience store to buy things to play as early as possible elimination Amazon thought, because Amazon did not intend to open the 2000 line shop.

Two days before

, Amazon announced the Amazon Go store on its website (also known as the "Amazon unmanned supermarket") video, at the corner of the first store is located in downtown Seattle, Seventh Avenue and Blanchard street, covers an area of about 1800 square feet (167 square meters, the contract) is currently employees online stage, is expected in 2017 will open.

according to the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources, because of the success of the new test site, Amazon will open more than 2000 stores. In addition, Amazon is exploring a variety of possible physical store concept, including a larger, multi functional stores, and may consider an area of 30 thousand -4 square feet (about 2780-3710 square meters) store model. But Amazon spokeswoman declined to comment on the matter.

soon in December 9th, according to Dow Jones reports, Amazon said in a statement, the company does not have any 2000 stores to open the program, which is still learning. The company also stressed that there is no plan to build 30 thousand -4 million square feet of shops. Amazon spokeswoman declined to elaborate on the statement.

But after the end of the Amazon

statement, a person familiar with the matter once again claimed that Amazon has opened 2000 stores to shop, but the concept of it depends on the success of the test, but also does not exclude the Amazon store to open large.

The principle of

on the Amazon Go, which is a set of sensor system based on the consumer into the store, open mobile phone Amazon Go, scan the two-dimensional code and start shopping, the sensor will track consumer to what position, what picked up, what’s on the back, eventually took what. After going out of the store, the sensor will automatically notify the system, take away the goods valuation, and automatically in the mobile phone App pop-up shopping list and then pay.

compared to many supermarkets in the United States began automatic cash register system, Amazon Go looks more intelligent and convenient, but also eliminates the labor costs. But one can not ignore the fact that this means a convenience store size with similar store equipment cost is not low, but as far as possible in the location of high traffic business like convenience stores as if the rental cost is not small.

Amazon can launch a concept store in high-tech, but involves specific

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