Omega is not a watch McDonald’s hand push joint Jingdong

O2O the most recent hot events than McDonald’s Jingdong teamed up again, activity is also very western style: Give me $5 (me five yuan), also has the meaning of fived. LOGO advertising campaign for McDonald’s fries into the JD.CO, M McDonald’s fries on the box, a symbol of the integration of the two corporate culture and brand.

Xiaobian found on the table of a product name is familiar, called Omega at McDonald’s, which caused a small series of the brand control of great interest. Many people may think of the name will be associated with the Swiss watch, because from 1983 to 2003 are so called, but later changed the name. But this is not Mijiake Austria a watch, but a nutrition brand, or the event only a food, willing to green is full of big digital products, such as Beats, Amazon Kindle headset, which let small and colleagues feel unbelievable at the same time, this product is very curious what magic let the two giants push.

Jingdong McDonald’s heavyweight cooperation

the McDonald’s store table stickers: cool family: force more exercise

effervescent tablets

I’m not watch yo @ Omega

Xiao Bian decided to find out exactly what, first of all, with Jingdong APP scan table on the two-dimensional code, saw the goods and orders in the afternoon to be sent, here have to praise the speed of Jingdong. The first sight of this sport effervescent tablets, first is very small, very exquisite packaging, metal texture, and ordinary effervescent tablet packaging is completely different, is a fan. Look at the formula, found the main raw material is imported L-carnitine and prebiotics, looked at the statistics, the two substances are very good for sports and fitness, help control weight and enhance endurance, and prevent diarrhea effect. It’s no wonder that the introduction said: lean into a lightning, in order to throw out a cool feeling. Each has 10, you can adjust the 10 cup of sports drinks, conversion, then probably about $1 a cup, compared to the market to buy ordinary sports drinks at $4, a bottle of 5 yuan, or very cost-effective. Open the bottle, smell good, quickly dissolved in cold water, the taste is berry flavor, very good, not bored, and no precipitation and foam, other brands of effervescent tablets before this small and bought are not the same, the product or the International Fitness Conference official sports nutrition products, it seems the scientific formula and good taste is very important. In addition Xiaobian also found that the product contains sodium, potassium and other electrolytes (about science: electrolyte can effectively prevent the movement of fluids cramps, etc.), small series for the morning run lovers is really too good, do not buy Gatorade and other sports drinks. From the brand advertising, in the line of activity based on product aciu presided over the CCTV program, also participated in including sports, entertainment and many other competitions and activities, such as: ring game, celebrity golf, Guangzhou marathon.

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