The search engine and a B2B a lover or a gay friend


May 2014, working as the first domestic B2B website announced business treasure and Google, Google will soon suffer domestic shielding, this makes people think. After Google was closed, domestic enterprises will certainly exit in the Google advertising, these companies can of course be the second best choice of love Shanghai, love Shanghai but in Europe and the United States market share is very limited. Another option is to business, foreign trade enterprises through business, to attract foreign orders.


in the reality of entanglement

from the functional perspective, the search engine and B2B site in the similarity function. For individual users, B2B website mainly provides industrial products wholesale information, if not in business, rarely login, and search engine is often used, because we need to search the unknown amount of information, so the businessman, B2B and search engine basically no intersection. But for a businessman, if you want to buy a batch of products, the use of search engines and B2B can get the same service. Enter keywords in the search, to find the company’s Web site, link to buy. Go to the B2B website, find company information in classification, contact to buy. A lot of products, through two ways, both may find the same supplier. On the other hand, if you are a supplier, pay love Shanghai, the top ranked web sites, potential buyers access. Or become an B2B website settled merchants, access to customers. It can be said that the search engine, is another form of B2B website and B2B website is another search engine for businesses.

The If

, for this logic, there are people between the first B2B website and half believe and half doubt, search engines, or ogle, or have the same teacher, more should convince us that they were having an affair.

search engine and a B2B site on the existence of this emotional entanglements.

lover, it means that you have a plan for the future, even a mutual desire to live together. Bestie, means that in the future you will respectively one day, in order to cause Gebendongxi, will have their own family, children, even you have a competition.

said that if the business treasure and Google cooperation and Yuyuehuanxiu, the foggy. Then the 360 search and China commodity network cooperation is naked and B2B will search through. Chinese Chinese supplier sponsored Internet Center B2B site, with a strong official background, its appearance, and the Alibaba compete means. Although we can not know the 360 search and Chinese supplier details. But the operation team is 3721 Chinese supplier team at that time, the 3721 Internet assistant was built by the hand of Zhou Hongwei. Not even talk about history, 360 many keyword search results.

function of the disputes

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