Long to look over on the optimization of

love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon ER owners are very concerned about the excessive optimization.

, of course, should also be to brush keyword search flow plus (love Shanghai and Shanghai love the search drop-down box); to brush social media sharing tools, the latest Google plus a "and a number of site exchange links (excessive exchange links)".

ZAC then summarized over optimized specific means: "external link anchor text is the same, is generally the main target keywords" and "external links in a short period of rapid growth, and then stop the growth of external link anchor text and web page title highly consistent", "on the key words optimization of places are optimized, such as title tags, keywords and description tags, H1, H2, bold, links, pictures ALT attribute," the first paragraph of text, internal anchor text, text, URL. The internal and external link the lack of change, the majority is to target the keywords for the anchor text page. The natural link will have the form of URL, there will be a deep page to chain".

"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide 2" said: "the search engine is a common site visitors to the site, grab the value judgment on the web, are also from the user’s point of view, any improvement of user experience is improved, search engine to search. Optimization of search engines, but also let users benefit "," (cheating) the most basic definition of law, is the behavior of the flood, it will affect the search system, ultimately hurt the user’s search experience". < >

but these excessive optimization techniques "(defined)" what is it? For example, excessive exchange links to specific "degree" is what? All Shanghai dragon ER don’t know, but want to know more details such as Shanghai Longfeng standard, to help their Shanghai dragon "genzhaoganjiaozou" the dilemma.


is the so-called "excessive", "more appropriate and reasonable limits (critical point)", "excessive optimization" is beyond the scope of the search engine allows (critical point search engine can tolerate) the optimization strategy and optimization to realize such a series of optimization strategies adopted by means of.

2007, ZAC interviewed Google anti spam group leader Matt Cutts, he would like to come straight to the point question "keyword density boundaries" Shanghai dragon clear boundaries, but eventually chose to give up, because it certainly can not get a clear answer.

but not entangled in the specific data standard, "real or clear the limits of excessive optimization. "Google webmaster guidelines" said: "web design should consider when the user, rather than search engine. Do not deceive the user, or submitted to the search engine and a content display to the user another, this approach is usually called "camouflage"".

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