Mechanical analysis of enterprise website optimization techniques

machinery enterprise website basically belongs to late into the network marketing industry, most bosses are familiar with, for this is not so, enter this industry do optimization is relatively easy. Personally do the following can beat the industry first.

Select the

here I would like to emphasize that what many bosses really understand in the words of this block is not their own, think of feel good. For example, I came to this company, the boss keywords that is Shenzhen Guangzhou diesel generator, diesel generator, diesel generator in Dongguan, I see, not what index, the boss said the company business is limited to Guangdong Province, the province can not do. No, do it, less than a month the words sit up, a look at the boss, happy ah. Again after a month was not happy, because no single what. I advise, I said one word searching most of Guangzhou is the main diesel generator search keywords, so our consulting advice is not high, love Shanghai bidding, can control in Guangdong province. The boss opened up, the effect is good. But because of the keyword selection is not good, leading to the site itself advisory capacity is not too high. So, at the beginning of this year, I said, I said we do live the best website keywords, so sit up there is traffic, although the country has a telephone, but also to seize the Guangdong province customers, the most important is that these main keywords sit up flow is big, every click will. Optimization of the late (our Lord keywords index in 400). I also believe that the boss later, I changed, two sites are compared with keywords love Shanghai high index as the main keywords. Selected 8, 4 from each site, promotion. Despite the high index difficult to do keywords ranking, then operation really difficult, but I think the direction is right. The current site is slowly rising in rank.

why do you say, generally this kind of enterprise website construction that a poor set of templates, dynamic pages, basically ten to ten is a dynamic page and set the template. So, once you enter this industry, will ask the boss immediately to the construction site, the construction site and the process needs to build what kind of website, I think, as Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel should be aware of, this is not to say. Give me an example, I came to the company’s website is so www.dkgenerator贵族宝贝, I strongly urge to do after a website, later changed to the www.dongkangpower贵族宝贝. Although this site is still a little distance away from the marketing website but is conducive to optimization.

2, choose the main keywords

machinery enterprises to do the optimization of the station I found the layout of the keywords and secondary keywords are not ready, or have not done, it will give us a lot of machines.

1, revised website

3, the main keyword layout and secondary keywords

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