The advantages and disadvantages of the two level domain exchange Links.

do Links work, how to judge each other’s Links quality is the most difficult, and most importantly, this I believe we see a lot of data, I will not repeat, I am in the process of exchange Links, found that many people love clinging to an item of data, such as the PR value. For example, a snapshot, many webmaster friends often see the two as long as one does not meet the requirements, he said not even exchange sites are not open look, a shot, I can only lament, sometimes even feel that they feel a bit irresponsible. The PR value and snapshot dialectical online also has a lot of articles, here I do not repeat it, I believe we are easy to find related article. Here, I want to talk about the main exchange Links a controversial phenomenon, which is related to the two level domain name Links, here, I talk about some immature ideas, do so. If there is wrong, also want to master a lot of advice.

now, let us look at the exchange Links purpose, many articles have detailed explanations, here, I simply refer to.

2. web traffic ranking, the main domain two domain traffic will have to rely on the. This is because the default domain name is top ranking ALEXA.

I do Links, found a lot of people in the exchange of information released Links, always a fringe, two domain names do not, from the beginning of the two level domain name thoroughly sentenced to death, some in the exchange process, especially low two level domain name, think of a new station or poor station directly for two websites are of high quality, but also think about it is preferential. When I asked some webmaster friends, why not do the two level domain, the answer is nothing more than the two level domain of flow instability ah, ah, the weight is not high, these, here, I want to give my opinion, firstly, analyze the disadvantages of the two level domain name to us.


here, we can analyze the disadvantages of above, the first point in the course of my exchange, I found that most of the webmaster have now chosen to establish the two level domain in the main domain name itself, which is for the flow of credit to their own top-level domain to the point of the phenomenon at least I seldom see. And second, I think almost has no effect on the exchange Links. After all, even the flow of top-level domain names also ranked only as a non importance exchange Links. As for the third point, which mainly depends on the other site is stable, if included a website has been good, access is very stable, the factors we can’t care too much. As for the fourth point, as will be explained below.

two level domain name of the site is not stable, the main and space business contact.

4. weight as top level domain.

1. when the two domain is another main domain name two level domain name, then, when the main domain name of punishment, your site may also be affected.

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