Subdivision website easier to get the long tail word ranking

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column because this is how to segment medical research on the type of site, so the site of the first column to disease classification, classification and thinking about this, several aspects need to think are several aspects of this treatment, symptoms, price, image, folk prescription, area to hold, for other industries. Believe that there is also a method of subdivision, but do not forget to grasp the key.

, how to subdivide the columns

relative to the web page optimization of the long tail keywords, with the advantage of column page is obviously the same, but this requires you to have a thorough understanding of the industry. In order to do a good job in the industry. The need to make a stable planning is very important. The execution is also very important. This idea estimation there are a lot of people can think of, but it is another matter, so the website optimization, good ideas and execution is essential.

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can be seen from the figure of this website is not a long time only eight months a year, and love the medical station inquiry website weight has reached 7 according to. Also included are not many, but a lot of the chain, the chain is estimated to have full-time staff to the outside of the chain. Personal webmaster would reach this skill. According to the chain that, this website is not to buy the chain. So this site is done by normal means, but the total idea is worth learning.

long tail keywords accounted for in site traffic in proportion is large, so how to do even in nowadays competition long tail words have become big up we should? Examples the following will analyze a hospital for you to expand your thinking. Of course, things can not be copied, just as we provide a good idea to do long tail keywords.

for the column path grasp the words it should do, because we now go to subdivision website that it would need to be divided into several layers, above the medical website the breakdown of the three layer, so this time the columns do not use pinyin path only grasp the path so as to better the Jane write length. The path is too long or the love of Shanghai is not included.

two, for the section of path to grasp

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