Several difficulties do talk about enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng and Solutions


In fact, this is the most

employers often want to be able to see the return on investment, especially now the impetuous social status, many employers do not know what the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is how to implement, what time to see the effect, so the two sides will inevitably appear in the work of some different views, such as the choice of keywords. The optimization of the time, the effect of optimization, in fact, the employer asked people to do things, money is certainly the ultimate goal, if you can not achieve this goal is not good to leave, the employer will generally choose to let Shanghai dragon Er do other work to make up for the lack of the heart.

, the employer and the Shanghai dragon team lack of communication

Shanghai, after several years of development, Shanghai dragon Er team is growing, Shanghai dragon reflects the way of the role more and more, and not just by Shanghai dragon service company Shanghai dragon service to enterprise output, Emmar believes that the network company provides services in Shanghai dragon has several drawbacks, the first network in order to make money is certainly large quantities of orders, but reluctant to spend some money to hire enough manpower, thus inevitably lead to ER Shanghai dragon struggling to cope with the situation, some of the network company of a Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er often requires the simultaneous optimization of 10 or even several dozens of sites, such as optimization, must be greatly reduced because after all, personal experience is limited, modify the site, search content, release the chain these optimization often require a lot of content The amount of time, it is inevitable to optimize the process of Sino foreign chain only by the mass, content only by extensive development skill acquisition, did Shanghai dragon friends all know, the chain quality is not high and unstable, resulting in poor quality of content included less snapshot stagnation, so if the enterprise can build the independent network marketing department, it is no better thing, after all, this network platform, can let the customer everywhere fully understand you, in order to get more opportunities to make money.

however, after all, any investment is risky, do network marketing, Shanghai dragon has considerable difficulty:

so, Shanghai dragon Er regardless of team and individual, to employers and in-depth communication, let them know the principle of Shanghai Longfeng simple, takes time, manpower and material resources, let them heart bottom, and need to provide timely reports, this is also a good way to communicate, let employers know what you doing, be able to effectively track and monitor your work, this is a good way to do business, I believe Shanghai dragon friends have a profound experience.

Shanghai dragon er must face the problem of information station can rely on users to contribute content creation, industry portals can collect information through trade channels, and enterprises to find the original content really is not an easy thing, especially in the fierce competition in Shanghai Longfeng.

two, website content depletion and poor

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