Myths about love Shanghai snapshot we must be careful

love Shanghai official said, Shanghai snapshot update problem about love, let’s take a look at the old webmaster A5 love Shanghai,

why station in Shanghai Dragon

"update page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself" the weight ", whether" K "is not directly related to. The owners do not have to pay more attention to the site over time snapshot, we suggest the webmaster will focus on the content of the website construction, only to improve the website content and the search experience, can be trusted by users and search engines." Love from Shanghai stationmaster community: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/wiki/54.


love Shanghai official has been given the explanation, but there are still people who can’t stop doing something wrong in order to update snapshots to love Shanghai. For example, to love to love Shanghai Shanghai complaints, complaints website snapshot, then immediately updated this way tested, so many owners to make their sites can quickly update, can let love Shanghai snapshot included, to love Shanghai complaint today does not update the complaint once updated, tomorrow is not updated, and go a complaint. Such complaints only love Shanghai snapshot will update, no complaints will not update, stay in this vicious spiral. Of course, the complaints of the people also do this music is not he, think this is a good method, but with four, thought to hold the secret love Shanghai snapshot update.

The following

as everyone knows, the so-called "secret" is actually a pit, when a site is more complaints, Shanghai will love that the user experience of the website is poor, the number of complaints, this station is dangerous, many of the original owners are still worried, why my site will be K. In fact, this is caused by? K is one of the reasons. Every day in the webmaster forum to ask, why my site will be K ah, why my website will be K? Not careful to analyze problems, but only to the complaint,

useful?In order to testify

this is a snapshot of

so far, you understand? These so-called webmaster giants do not love Shanghai website snapshot update the next day, not to mention you these station? Still so stubborn? No need of it. Personally feel that doing my job relatively well, the original original, the chain of the chain, then continue to complain website snapshot, sooner or later.

about love Shanghai snapshot, a lot of people have different views, some people think that the snapshot update is good, some people feel no need to update the next day. Since the last time I love Shanghai big update, many sites are affected, so what about love Shanghai snapshot update problem, whether there is a right or wrong? Love Shanghai official gave the following explanation:

continue to look at the snapshot

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