Shanghai is a Shanghai dragon love algorithm Er does not need to worry too much

recently heard love Shanghai algorithm changed again, do not know if you have not noticed, love Shanghai many products also changed, such as the library, the interface has also changed, I do very little attention to love Shanghai Shanghai dragon algorithm Er, a lot of Shanghai dragon love around Shanghai is changing their own optimization idea recently, the Shanghai City Longfeng men optimized website rank is really pretty big change, but almost all are rising, not only focus on the optimization of several key words fell a little bit, not at all, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng Er been concerned about Shanghai’s love to update algorithm, a algorithm of time very upset, doom chasing the webmaster integrated query to check their site is not affected, Shanghai City Longfeng here suggest that you really do not have to focus on love The sea algorithm, why I always do not pay much attention to love Shanghai algorithm, because it would affect our attitude, although the algorithm change, some sites will give right down or off, even if you optimization again good, also may be affected, but you should know that these factors can not be control, like the sudden disaster, can still get by.

first, feel love Shanghai algorithm just to do their own web site search engine optimization specialist to explain why the sudden change of love Shanghai so much, just provide some reasons to explain to you, you can know in advance who love Shanghai algorithm launch all information? I don’t think there is a person who will? Put their money bowl out, love Shanghai algorithm is a commercial secret, can know the love of the Shanghai algorithm is only internal staff, unless your mother is "Baidu", even announced also let you know your website will give the reason why K, this approach is to let love Shanghai you won’t feel as if love Shanghai wronged, it wanted to let you know that your site will not give It is without rhyme or reason. K, there is definitely a reason to love Shanghai, so you have to accept this A fact! Because you didn’t do in accordance with the rules of the website love Shanghai, love Shanghai every few months, will launch a major update or small search results algorithm, do you have every day carefully follow the love Shanghai algorithm steps, this is not you to love Shanghai nose? Shanghai dragon Er do the most important thing is to have their own ideas, eventually, know what to do, know what Shanghai does not need love, love what love Shanghai, love.

love Shanghai algorithm is indeed a very troublesome thing for the webmaster, this year has just begun to love Shanghai frequently launched many strokes, saw A5 standing in the network that the author said the recent algorithm changed today, do not know is not true, because I really never pay attention to love Shanghai algorithm and there are a lot of people will feel strange, as Shanghai dragon Er since they do not pay attention to love Shanghai algorithm, it is certainly not good Shanghai Longfeng optimization, then I can only explain this, too lazy to pay attention to it, then I give you talk about Shanghai dragon phoenix city never paid any attention to reason why love Shanghai algorithm.

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