A Er of Shanghai dragon love Shanghai to launch a new product that frequently

these platforms have a common characteristic, that is for certain Internet users have some help and benefits under the premise of this love Shanghai to start their own strategy. To make myself gradually become more powerful. Because in this special time, if oneself down, then only one end: being chased and fix

2012 is an eventful year for the love of Shanghai, for our webmaster is not a year of peace, as a Shanghai dragon years of people, a lot of experience. From the beginning of the end of June 2012, is beginning to calm Shanghai dragon industry. Love Shanghai algorithm upgrade led directly to a large site disappeared and the subsequent months, love Shanghai did not stop the renewal of the algorithm, it is introduced the chain cheating algorithm updates, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools launch and upgrade. From these kinds of situation, for us is not a bad thing. Because love Shanghai slowly recognized and valued Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, as a rejection of Shanghai dragon as before and the hostile. And through the love of Shanghai update algorithm, our Internet environment is purified, it also brings more confidence and hope for those of us who do stand friends.

is the first love of Shanghai marketing University, I personally think that this love products launched in Shanghai and his own development strategy has a certain relationship, otherwise it will not cause the. Love Shanghai want to use platform and the open approach to improve the user viscosity of their own, let more people know and love love Shanghai on Shanghai. The object of this platform to have two kinds, one is to learn the network marketing, network marketing is a lecturer in the industry.

think people these heavyweight practices, and think we do Shanghai.

platform is love Shanghai campus, although he himself wrote that the campus social platform, but I think it is not that simple. He is not only a campus social networking platform is an integrated platform, the integration of all schools in the inside of the IT industry is interested in resources, including school students and some teachers.

love Shanghai Webmaster Tools on-line and upgrade and improve, for those of us who engage in Shanghai dragon is a good thing, because we love Shanghai finally pay attention to, and is standing on the point of view of the webmaster to perfect and improve their own webmaster tools, this is an attitude, an open attitude. I believe the future will be the development of Shanghai dragon with search engine, is a benign development.

love Shanghai friends may have discovered a problem in Shanghai, love collection of products on the page, quietly adds four new line of products, products are: Shanghai, Shanghai love love marketing university campus, love Shanghai and Shanghai desktop wallpaper love four products, behind 2 products are mainly for mobile phone users and I am interested in is the two product in front of the Shanghai University, love and love for Shanghai campus marketing. I have to talk about their views on the first 2 products.

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