The URL address standardization construction site

2. user experience and feelings: "here the author said the URL contains the name of the web site directory, a simple way to remember the name of more easily website users identify and access; the author, in a lot of time in the day to visit some frequently visited sites basically only directly enter the domain name address and directory address, so I can directly find the directory module you want to see, and in the keyword search results in many users will be familiar with the importance of the value of its deliberate URL address and authority.

identity 1. website: URL and web site title, with website logo, which obviously is not representative of the website domain name with WWW and WWW, although not affect user access to the search site, but the identity is not the same, which will also affect the stability of the website.

Oh, this problem I want to fall in love with the sea search a lot, but I still have to say my own opinion, I do not agree with "URL need keywords to delay, whether it is because Chinese keyword or keyword or Chinese Pinyin, I think the website URL address standardization has the following requirements:

the content of the website module always vary, some portals are more complex, but even so, as long as the correct method can make the URL website address standardization. The content of the website is always from the home page to the channel to the list to the bottom of the page content, realize this point we can be very good to solve:

A ;

2. channel page: some complex.

1. web page: the home page is the default page of the server root directory under the default, regardless of which kind of production technology, from the URL standard, as long as the domain name that can end, no need to keep up with the file name

3. is a website for a good website must be constantly revised and improved the results of many websites will lose a lot of time revision revision included, the author encounters portal and lead to large-scale collection of content reduced, address URL standard can avoid the free web content in the website version of URL address unified included reducing problems caused by.

with the Internet as new born bamboo shoots like rain, the industry competition is increasingly fierce, the search is still towards the direction of intelligent and improve, so many webmaster always want to start a shortcut towards success. Many new Adsense site in the early head heat, lead to the site construction site construction is not standardized, leading to the late website is very difficult, which is the most serious "URL address standardization issues, the following links some of the experiences of the author to discuss the website page URL standard:

: why web page URL need to be standardized?

two: the website URL address how standard?

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