The website should pay attention to those things especially at the beginning of the line

recently launched a mobile power network, in the actual process of construction, some things do not too good, so, out to share, to make a new website, several factors must be considered, otherwise it will not reach your goals, but affect your progress.


3, the localization of

when my website, everything is normal, suddenly received a QQ consulting, to cast advertising, I think, well, I still have to rest for registration, who knows, someone more such a domain name, just with my different suffix once, people do it, my brand could be affected.

Sure, the domain name The selection and protection of


webmaster do not understand the difference between WWW and WWW, I built my mobile power network when I was on the set is not with the WWW family domain, other 301 by steering. But in the actual process, the results of the search engine makes me a little depressed, is love Shanghai, love Shanghai for 301 slow response, love Shanghai now included my website is WWW, not WWW, when I want to change the domain name, found in some places program path error. Because the content is up to hundreds of articles. So, when choosing Shanghai as the main object of love Shanghai dragon, I suggest using WWW is better, so the capacity to love Shanghai. After all, Shanghai is the mainstream China in love.


generally, you know the importance of the domain name, such as a good domain name is the icing on the cake, but for many people, may ignore the importance of domain name protection. My mobile power network only registered a贵族宝贝, the other suffixes are not registered, in fact, I have been thinking, I want to put several other mainstream

1, domain name

do point in time, must think well, what is the key, do what keywords, what are the key should be layout in that position, especially the new station on the line, we must pay attention to, is a new station, or if the change, it will make it difficult to fit in the search engine, from mobile I see the power network, also encountered such a problem, I had set when there is no consideration, just slightly early to do the analysis, the key process. Data from GG, although my site included almost thousands, but some titles and so on, still stay in the previous position. Worth. To do the new brothers, a reminder.

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