How to use the title for more long tail keywords ranking optimization

title set can not be repeated, we need to put more keywords set on top of this, reading fluency is very important, as we all know, in the love Shanghai top 20, click on the principle for so far is still valid, if you’re heading out of order, the user see the headlines for you don’t know you in what to say, so users will give up on your web site, click to click on your competitor’s website, so your ranking in the 2 page or 3 stop. If you set the title of good, smooth reading the user in the search keyword when you can understand what it meant, just what he needed, so that the user can quickly click on your website title to get traffic.

title? Title is displayed in the title bar of the browser. The contents of this label can only appear in the head tag. The contents of the title content is the theme of this page I tell the search engines inside, can facilitate the search engine index page, in the search engine results show to tell the user access to the user’s Web access. We all know them, so we do not have too much, so in operation should pay attention to what specific? I summed up the following 8 points to share with you.

Don’t repeat the title of the


3, the title of the attraction of

website to solve, readable and well, if no users click on this is not a very embarrassing thing? So we have to do a very attractive title, when it comes to attractive title, whether we are what the title of the party to deeply hurt? Although we do not like the title of Post Bar which God took the title as: ____ method, few people know the 5 reasons why you should ____ and so on, if I also wrote this article title: fast ranking few people know the website, believe me now this is much better than

1, the website title can not be repetitive

What is

2, title reading fluency of

5, love Shanghai segmentation principle:

in the title of the attraction has told us, planning title must be related to our content, we do not the title of the party, when one is in the price of a product is in the title, people understand the price of a product, you have to tell people to use products, do you think people will the content of your interest in

!The correlation between

in the past a lot of enterprise website will appear, it is also the case, because the recruitment of professional Shanghai Longfeng specialist not many enterprise station, do most of the site to find the site construction company, but the company also has a lot of website independence is not clear so in the construction site when not set the title of the site optimization.

4, the title and content:

is also a title by many times set up in Shanghai, love will do to grab the title.

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