The Shanghai dragon tools do website ranking

is a website which factors related to the bounce rate? Now a lot of interest in statistical tools for the data in the web site a little wind sways grass if a website will be on tenterhooks, optimized to do good, won’t have to worry about the user, the website homepage will be attractive, we can use some tools check the website data, now commonly used is the love of Shanghai, CNZZ, and some other statistical tools.

website jump out rate is high, the site’s ranking effect is very large, we need to know the user from that place to, in that place out of the (here is not a malicious brush ranking click). The user’s bounce rate is not a single look at page bounce rate, not a single look inside the page out rate, but users come to the site of the landing page, see the landing page data.

home what factors? For example, whether in accordance with the user’s browsing habits to the layout, also conforms to the rules of search engine.

page page page is divided into flow and transformation, if the bounce rate is high, indicating net >

first, see page

second, love Shanghai statistics page click on the map

users can analyze recently have done what operation, in which all can see.

Then the Type

the jump out rate is high, we should from what respect to

website bounce rate, see the page on average, such as a web site out rate is 80%, click on the map from the point of view, may be out of the inside pages of the home page, the user sees something he’s interested in, and then click on the site within the chain, entered into the web page, that is what will the inside page out of here? To see the entrance page, here you can see the specific operation of the user to the website, have to navigate down.

if the views within the page is very large, there may be a good ranking, there may be very love to users of this web page, and then put up. We see this website jump out rate data, not to adjust the page layout, more important is the inside pages of quality and content, in general, home to clean, simple and will not have too much problem in the page is actually the users want to see. I think is quite simple, at least Ceng Xiaolong did not put influence user browsing something, looks very comfortable.

if the site’s jump out rate is high, that the website did not meet the needs of users, Ceng Xiaolong always said the word user needs to specify the concept also need to understand, in short, the core point is that the site must have worried about the value to the user, can not affect the browsing, what is the impact of user browsing what? Such as pop-up ads, users come to your website, you play pop from time to time him, let alone the user, you can not wait to come to your website immediately shut down. There are others, such as the size of advertising does not conform to the dimensions of advertising website, looks more tangled.


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