To judge the quality of the chain of reverse thinking

so, what is the best way to judge the chain. In fact, we can completely reverse thinking.

third snapshot. The snapshot actually reflects the update frequency, if it is a commercial station or navigation station, the page is not always updated snapshot, certainly not, but it can never say it weight low.

second, the number of the chain changes too much, especially some of the chain group, can make a website with tens of thousands of spam links in a short period of time, not a few days will drop down, ask the rubbish the chain with the number of what, what reference value.

fourth, included. And if it is a snapshot of the same, business station or navigation station, not often add new page, included number is not high.

high quality chain after all is in order to improve the weight, and the weight is increased in order to improve the keywords ranking. So, we are Links, don’t judge each other’s PR and other relevant information, we use some tools (at least what I will not say, Internet is more than that of my friends think I am in AD) judge each other website main keywords in the sea of love what, ranked first speak it more weight. That is to say, "

in my opinion, only the correlation and export the chain number is worthy of consideration, will have now pay more attention to the correlation algorithm, and in order to limit the sale chain, chain number to control is inevitable. But the two is not a key factor to judge a good outside the chain, because as long as the other website weight high to a certain extent, the number of correlation and export the chain, it is no longer important.

many webmaster friends, including some veterans are continuing to study the same problem, it is worthwhile to Links with what kind of website. On this proposition, is each one according to his lights. Many are in the Shanghai dragon master A5 was repeatedly described, to conclude, in fact also is a few words, the PR value must be high, the chain more, want a new snapshot, included, the correlation is better, the less chain is derived. These theories, all right, and after many years of Shanghai Longfeng test proved that the theory is correct, useful. But in practice, there is a lot of ills.

first, PR update too slow, some sites, although PR itself is not high, but in the love of Shanghai, is a good site, the keywords have a very good ranking, such as the mobile phone wallpaper, though PR0, but the ranking is very good, and has been very stable, the main keywords in seawater on the first page, GG is ranked in the top three, estimated the next PR update at least PR4! And some sites, PR now looks pretty high, but the keywords ranking is not good, another website such as author, a real PR4, ranked in Shanghai and GG too horrible to look at love PR, estimated the next update will become PR0. If a brother superstition PR, you can contact me, I am willing to sell off.

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