Treat your blog of five elements

the first to talk about the problems of the Sina blog, this blog is clear that I love Shanghai down the right, I am confident that my article is no problem, this is a good starting point for the blog, released at the end of an article, I always leave the reader to my website portals leyuanbaby贵族宝贝, of course, my article content and links are correlated, but this apparent AD implantation phenomenon, or to be loved in Shanghai. The author of the blog is no longer included, but I immediately realized this, and make the adjustment, the article is still highly original, no longer advertising implants, I love Shanghai’s performance has been recognized, the blog recovery, in order to make it stable, I’m still not adding links, in a few days ago, the blog has once again be right down, still included senior, I think I have to make a rigorous analysis, to change this.

through the blog optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon is a common means of webmasters, the effect is obvious to people, due to the recent love Shanghai algorithm changes, as if the chain is not so easy, this blog has become more and more important. But a blog to the webmaster to treat in order to play its biggest role. I also have several blogs, including Sina blog recently appeared some problems, so I have to pay attention to the forming of blog, in summarizing the problems and solutions, the author summarizes the five elements on a blog. I hope you can give the webmaster friends to bring some suggestions and reminders.

1 elements: whether you choose the diversity of the blog

"Wen Road has, specialize in" anything a theme, seemed to be more systematic. Do not talk about the blog also, today Shanghai Longfeng, and go on diet tomorrow, we should conduct in-depth research in a certain field using blog. May wish to learn about Sina and other major blog in Hot Blog, they are generally to expand their own opinions and elaborate around a theme, which is also being recognized by the search engine. As Lu Songsong blog, Moonlight blog, they have a clear theme, it can also be obtained.

remember reading "Shanghai dragon combat code" this book, there is a little impresses me about the diversification of the chain, domain name. It directly points out the elements of a purpose. That is to set up a blog. Like Sina, love Shanghai, Tianya, CSDN and other high weight blog, and targeted a blog will not let go. The purpose of doing so is a single chain may be in love with the sea as cheating, if so, you write the original article, you do blog work torched cast to waste. In short, we have to do is to diversify the chain effect of the domain name, then this method is to establish the diversity of blog.

2 elements: if you set the theme to the blog

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