Analyzes the deep reason of forum closed light


the two point of view: it is imperative to reform Shanghai dragon

view: Yes, we are garbage maker



from Shanghai Dragon Development at the beginning, some simple keyword plus chain can be simple in search engine page row easily, but with the passage of time, Shanghai dragon has gradually opened its "xiunv like veil" is no longer mysterious, it is the content and the chain. Imagination and reality intertwined pain, even in the Shanghai dragon vision played so most incisive, original we yearn for the Shanghai dragon just let us become a "network navy", of course, it also let us have a firm and indomitable character, "because we always believe in a chain, we will be a top ranking website, imperceptibly, we become the founder of Internet spam. I just love Shanghai in search of long tail keywords to verify the viewpoint of the author. Figure:

October "Shanghai dragon science" concept of the author Mr. Zhang Guoping proposed officially closed light forum, which caused no small discussion in Shanghai Longfeng industry. In fact, a forum closed in today’s Internet era, what does not mean, but once this forum light-years as the forefront of Shanghai dragon learning, made an indelible mark for Shanghai dragon Er are learning, for no one can deny. Light the forum closed, no ground for blame, the author’s viewpoint, played the role of connecting the Shanghai dragon, but also give us a heavy blow to the Shanghai dragon industry, as Shanghai dragon Er we should make our due contribution to the transformation of the Shanghai dragon industry.

the three point of view: Shanghai dragon will usher in a new era of


, the author put forward the "scientific Shanghai dragon" concept for Mr. Zhang Guoping is very sought after, as one of the fans, I think Mr. Zhang Guoping closed the forum that its significance is light, great for Shanghai dragon industry influence, to Shanghai dragon industry often diverge from the viewpoint of Shanghai dragon exactly for the sake of ranking or to the user experience, or between the point of view, draw clear boundaries, Shanghai dragon is the essence of the user experience, but how to let users get a good experience, this is our Shanghai Longfeng educators to explore a direction. Recently, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon Er sigh, Baidu crazy? In fact, Baidu is not mad, but show its offbeat style for us, let the user experience to good website on the skirt, skirt in outside the site would only look helplessly skirt. Although we cannot guess what is the Baidu algorithm, but we only do the site, don’t skirt look helplessly, therefore it is imperative to reform the Shanghai dragon.

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