Analysis on the Taobao nine post navigation website optimization discount

2.2. data on

domain name information

2.3.Alexa data

2. website

query, Alexa ranked 300373, 300 thousand months of website, ranking it. Oh, this website is still ranked promotion, today see, has increased 290 thousand.

simple look, first say a problem. The first open www.***贵族宝贝 website can be a normal visit, and then open the ***贵族宝贝 can also visit the web site, click the page browsing in the chain, all with WWW links to sites like this, should not appear two domain names can be accessed simultaneously, which should be a domain name to use 301 jump to another site. The weight on website in order to obtain a better ranking.

these days often on QQ and a Shanghai dragon friend chat, he is responsible for a discount Taobao navigation station, because the site is love Shanghai love Shanghai punished, said the more precise, is in love with altitude hair. The love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon friends that help to look at nine pieces of mail that website, today is the time, will help to look at their website.

two, check nine pieces of mail station Shanghai dragon set

registration time is 2012 March, now it has been 5 months, or a young

website!Shanghai Longfeng data

1.1. website, the overall look, still relatively fresh, simple and practical, navigation site classification is relatively clear, convenient classification, screening conditions, and search functions, as well as the product archive, product arrangement >

noble baby

Check the web page

2.1. love Shanghai data

because the nine post website is fall in love with altitude hair, so don’t know, love Shanghai is certainly no data. Love Shanghai is 0, Shanghai is 0 weight of love, love is not a snapshot of Shanghai, check the history data of nine block Mail website (you can view from the inside to 贵族宝贝tool.chinaz贵族宝贝/history/? Domain=***贵族宝贝), July 9th began to be punished, included a large number of reduced to July 21st completely pulled hair, not all the data included.

Some basic


, a Shanghai dragon first nine pieces of Mail websiteThe 1.


Pr is the 3 noble baby, oh, this love and Shanghai form bright contrast, relatively large difference. There are 5900 aspects included noble baby, see included data website noble baby, a rise in the road.

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