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have you ever been to some new place or city and want to find something interesting to do? When you look for the information, you often find it difficult to find the right information list. What services will you rely on? TripAdvisor, Yelp, or Foursquare? It would be better if you had an information focused and trusted service that supports all types of reservations. Peek is such a service, this service has been on the line this week.

when you travel, you usually need to find accommodation and flight information, and arrange the itinerary. Peek’s goal is to "satisfy your travel desires" and use beautiful photos and aggregated reviews to help you complete your troubled travel plans.

visitors can see rich visual effects on the Peek web site. Bashir says that Peek has access to professional photos and activity information for many travel destinations, and that visual activity is an important factor in the activity that attracts travelers.

, on the face of it, is just an ordinary group buying site that currently serves only at the company’s headquarters, Columbus, Ohio. But the site has some cool features different from Groupon and LivingSocial.

through Peek, users can find multiple destinations for travel activities. At the start of the launch, the site offers only information about events in San Francisco and Hawaii, but the site plans to expand its services to other cities in the next 1 years. Users can find paid and free activities on the site, and each activity is selected manually by the Peek team, which has been carefully crafted. The activities reviewed by the Peek team will be labeled "P>"


therefore, Groupon is beneficial to consumers, but it is not always beneficial to merchants. tried to find a solution to solve the problem. Its advantages include:

1 and Groupon are not accurate enough. Groupon uses carpet bombing, sending only 400 thousand e-mails in Columbus only, and the user response rate is only 1/1000.

in fact, is for other group buying website business model defects to build business. What are these defects? lists the following:

recently, in the technology industry, entrepreneurial communities, activity management services is becoming a hot market, especially P2P networks such as Gidsy and Vayable. However, Peek is slightly different from these services.

2 and Groupon use the same pattern for all promotions. Regardless of what size of activity, Groupon will be drawn from 50%. The merchant can only earn 25% of the profits.

Peek received $1 million 400 thousand in seed money, investors include many well-known people, such as Twitter and Square · co-founder Jack Dorsey, executive chairman of shlf1314; Eric · Schmidt, SV Angel and Khsola Ventures and other investment institutions. The founders of Peek, including Ruzwana Bashir and Oskar Bruening, have built up a good reputation in the business world. The problem with Peek’s attempts is that event organizers are usually small and lack powerful online services. Peek hopes that the service will become a bridge between consumers and small businesses.

4, for some businesses, the troubles caused by preferential activities may damage the brand image.

chooses a destination, and Peek helps you schedule the perfect day,

Peek: you choose the destination and leave the rest to me,


3, merchants can only earn 25% of profits, meaning they need to expand the scale of preferential activities in order to make sense. However, they can’t control the time of the preferential activities. For example, some users may go to the restaurant on the busiest night and use coupons to dine. But at this time of the day, restaurants don’t need coupons to bring passengers.


1. accurate. In the past, group buying services usually send preferential information to a large number of users blindly, while only provides users with information they are interested in. Users need to tell if they are interested in participating in certain promotions, and then they receive only interesting content. The idea seems simple, but Groupon didn’t think of that.

2. financial advantage. is free for merchants at the moment. For coupons offered, only when the user >

previous group buying sites only provide random information to users, while users may need to find what they need from the mass of information.’s approach is different: it allows consumers to quote a psychological price for specific goods and services, and then links them to the right price businesses and group buying items. allows users to first quote, and then with the most appropriate group purchase project

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