Shared cars the capital game of green concept packaging!My view on website alliance’s easy money mak

you can understand this play to provide high-quality public services through the inhibition of excessive competition, is the extension of public bicycle project Velib, and this Chinese situation really different.



first, to determine the theme and location of personal website, is to do navigation station or classified information station, personal website is not what stuff, to establish the site visit user group, and then to the site planning.


timeshare leasing concept upgraded to shared vehicles, the only evolution is the cost structure!


but this time, they had no chance of re cloning American startups, because the old Zipcar has been sharing giant car Avis-budget car company acquisitions, renamed Turo RelayRides has also been away from the capital perspective, while Getaround and Lyft and Uber has been unable to meet as equals so many domestic entrepreneurial team, are diverted to learn French, but are seen as a totem of the Autolib, they really learn to

, according to incomplete statistics, China shared car company has more than 370, but the real operation of more than 100, more than 90% of the associated company of new energy vehicles enterprises set up, small but substantial market volume.

in recent years, the continuous introduction of the Chinese "on the new consumer actively play a leading role in accelerating the development of the formation of the new power supply guidance" and "new" guidance on the promotion of green consumption and other documents, plus new energy vehicles subsidy policy and the rise of the bike sharing demonstration effect, let the car sharing project heating.

was in accordance with the idea of Delanoe, the Paris municipal government one-time investment 35 million euros in 45 towns set up 253 to take the car, the operation of the Bollore group for the project inject 200 million euros, 100 million euros per year for operating expenses, receive the profits and bear the financial risk.

but what about the reality of the good vision,

The rest of the

, I have built a life care website, which mainly collects information about beauty, health care and body building. Most of the visiting users are young, white-collar women. After carefully comparing a few of my favorite web sites and their ads, I chose the yeemeng. First of all, I learned that the credibility of the league is not bad, I have friends registered in the League of millions, and put on the top of the lottery class CPS advertising, do not deduct the amount of payment in time Commission accumulated to 100 yuan after the monthly settlement. On the other hand, Yimeng has a very attractive to advertisers — my natural health care network, put it in the diet pills, Yimeng breast products such as CPS advertising, the Commission reached 20%, coincides with my personal station features. My site on the body section to do well, there are a number of very fixed users access, I put the ads on the navigation of the position of the column, the picture and introduction of advertising is very attractive, put it, my site appears to be more vivid, at the same time, can also attract a visit the user’s eye. After a few days on the advertising, there will be a user through my station into the natural health care network, bought a bottle of 30 days slimming treasure preferential price 420 yuan, from which I will get 84 yuan commission. Previously done CPC, CPM advertising, I do not necessarily get so many commissions a month.

Autolib is not Chinese imagination start empty-handed startups, instead it is a left normal tendering procedures of public-private public services, is a typical product of France under the special economic system.


then you have to choose the way to make money. If you choose the site alliance, you must choose those reputable alliances, but also choose to coincide with your site features advertising delivery.

now there are a lot of personal Adsense complaining that it’s hard to make money. Although there are many web sites to provide a variety of CPC, CPM, CPA, advertising, but personal webmaster do finally, or be serious buckle quantity, or can not get the money, a few reputable website does not deduct the amount, also can get the money, but is often 2, 3 months in order to get 1, 200 yuan. It’s really hard for a personal website to make money by making these ads.

The essence of

do the above points, do not forget to carry out simple SEO optimization Oh, let the target group can more easily through the search engine to find your site.

2014 Niandangdelanuoai former mayor of Paris, the people of his Pingjiapogao, most people do not care about his sexual orientation, regardless of whether he brought a beautiful GDP, they are concerned about the vitality and culture of Paris animation De La Ville et la vie Culturelle. In this index, France established market research firm Ifop gives 81% ultra high satisfaction, and behind this result is Delanoe in December 5, 2011 to open the Autolib shared electric vehicle project, a being that zero pollution can replace the private car travel scheme.

says format first.

secondly, you should also make personal stations stand out and set up unique charm of personal station, so that users can remember your station after visiting and recommend to other friends. There are a number of fixed users is your site to make money.

I have also been standing for some time, in the personal website how to make money on this issue, there are some shallow experience, and now share with you.


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