Li Xueling worth one billion tycoon in seven or eight.POCO Content Alliance emergency announcement!

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  POCO Content Alliance emergency notification;

heard that Li Xueling’s wife was also a reporter. Love writing, love traveling. In the past two years, I took my son to go around the continents. Don’t get it wrong, it’s not because Li Xueling had so much money before. It is said to have unique practice.

Li Xueling is the elder brother of the media. Guider.

, Cheng Lingfeng, gossip, Li Xueling – Li Pangzi,

this idea touched the peak elder brother at that time. But don’t get together business people. I told Li Xueling, the idea is inseparable from the people, and their own can only do it yourself, you can do so when you retire.

one hundred, people dig a four head out at the airport, do not change. Very simply. If you can spend one hundred bucks on a magazine, you don’t care about these one hundred. Since it’s one hundred yuan, you have to find a reporter with a salary of forty thousand. Don’t worry about living until you write good things. Every time someone like Liu Chuanzhi comes to the guest editor. Quality is high. Such a magazine, ten thousand people buy no problem, that is, one million. Enough to cover journalists’ salaries and print channels. Never advertise, not bow and scrape writing.

 :     in addition, the original site was sealed, we will hide you for a while and wait until October 15th to reopen. To be fair, this flow competition will be postponed accordingly. In from September 1st to 15th, we will count and keep it well. We will continue to play in the next half of October 15th. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you!

                     ;         POCO Content Alliance from the announcement responsibility editor admin 04

 :     in order to meet the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the POCO alliance made some adjustments after careful and comprehensive analysis and discussion.

      decided to make the following adjustments:

each country stays a few months, rent a car by itself, from east to west, from south to north, live Motel. It costs about $one hundred per day, plus 100 thousand RMB for a few months. After returning home, it would cost enough to write these experiences into books and sell them to publishers. The wife took her son along the way, sooner or later, dependent, and her son all the way to see the world, a different kind of experience and education.

, that’s a legend. But it feels like what Li Xueling did. This reporter from generation to generation change, new people, must have their own different ideas, always speak out of the ordinary, especially with people twisted, provocative and attack, which impressed me very deeply. Also dare to practice, willing to take risks. That’s why 99.9% of journalists don’t make a public company.

China listed Internet company CEO, we have a little relationship with the peak brother man. Gossip about this fat man today. From those things, understand a book worth one billion of the "rich" is how a person living.

then, Li Xueling gave me a suggestion: write fewer big companies, and you should write 50 small companies. When these small companies grow up, you create something with them

07 years, brother Feng wants to be a magazine. Li Xueling suggests that you should do a magazine selling one hundred dollars. That’s what it says:

in 2003, Feng brother returned home and wanted to be a journalist. However, there were dozens of magazines, newspapers, resumes, no interviews. The editor in chief of NetEase Li Xueling saw a want to do the "young people’s University Press in 51job resume curitiba". So I called. Then I went to the NetEase to be an Internet journalist. That’s my only media interview and OFFER.

      entertainment channels temporarily closed; replaced by a gourmet channel scheduled for today; entertainment channels will resume in October 15th. In view of delicacy channel and entertainment channel content is different, there are changes in the layout of the page; please Adsense speed to the alliance alliance backstage channel set including alliance channel, channel title, page description, keywords, and HTML code and advertising to make the appropriate changes.


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