Discussion on how to do a good job of product price strategy of electricity supplier website

believe that the webmaster in website or online shopping line under the mall will find such a problem, the same product brand, service, warranty and so on are the same, but the price is not the same, it will make some Adsense or other consumers feel the difference, why the other are the same but only price it is not the same, the seller deliberately raise prices or lower. In fact, this is not the case, different prices generally the same product is decided by the marketing strategy, the price and the product itself is irrelevant, this strategy is also called the price strategy, the electricity supplier website marketing has played a great role in many electricity providers are also willing to do so webmaster price strategy.


According to the

survey, the line do not do online pricing strategy pricing strategy may be good, because when offline consumers buy goods at the mall will goods than three, or is because each goods more expensive, then consumers will go to another store to see the price, eventually select the appropriate store and buy goods. But on the line, online business on the site to make the price strategy, most consumers will choose to buy directly, after all on the Internet only you such a website, plus the purchase of products will give gifts or shipping, consumers will see these heart and buy, regardless of the price cheap or expensive. Therefore, the online product price strategy is very easy, but also suggested that the electricity supplier website to do product price strategy, nonsense do not say more, the following I communicate with the electricity supplier webmaster.

1, price target

, first of all, the price target. What is a good webmaster to the electricity supplier product prices after the price target, don’t do product pricing without a goal, it will bring certain influence on product sales, pricing I personally think that these kinds of targets:

1, maximize profits. This is the most common pricing target, and it should be noted that maximizing the profit does not mean that the demand pricing is the highest, nor does it mean that the demand for sales is the largest.

2, taking up market share. In some cases, a profit is not the main goal, the purpose of the website is as soon as possible in order to expand market share, and enhance brand awareness or squeeze competitors. The best price strategy to target market share.

3, expected return on investment. If there is capital investment, capital is usually expected to within a few years, and began to profit, the expected return on investment period and the amount of such investment in planning is already booked, the expected return on investment once fixed, is determined to achieve the goal of product price.

4, the survival of enterprises. In some special cases, enterprises may encounter a crisis of survival, such as changes in the market environment, competitors begin price war. The cash flow of the enterprise itself is not good enough, and the price target at this time must also aim at the survival of the enterprise

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