Webmaster, technology is not everything you live

Whether you are learning

technology in order to find a job or business, you have to have a clear understanding of the technology itself, BILL GATES, appeared in the Chinese not because China is not very respect of technical personnel, but also just stay in the software and technical personnel as the talent machine came with embarrassment.

one. In China, you must not because of learning technology can exchange for a stable life and high salary treatment, you must not think which engaged in market development, running errands, no future.

don’t know if you know, we China a considerable part of a software company, their software development team is small, even only 1-3 individuals, even a project team are not, and this team has to bear a software company all software development tasks, members in key the development stage of software on-line and the team needs to work overtime day and night, also need to submit on time for the software module test of BUG and not the mentally disturbed, sometimes if you join the site development team you need to leave the back well say goodbye to your girlfriend, you will be closed in the development, in addition to the usual encoding is to eat and outside go to bed (rich company even hire a nanny to cook for you, let you save more time to devote to work, let you stay in that tired The state of being at work immediately without rest,

is more terrible, the interpersonal relationship will bring you in contact with the very simple, in addition to limited technical staff you hardly see to do other jobs and jobs, your circle of friends small and single, or even destroy your original love (imagine you in the field of field development, 2 never seen a month with his girlfriend’s words, is not for you grinning your girlfriend).

maybe you got the so-called white-collar wages, but you have lost freedom to enjoy life, if you want to make technical personnel especially developers, I think you will soon understand how much you want to in a place for a long time to know some friends, more desire for life time.

is to our lives and relationships and work, those engaged in pre-sale and market development friends, has more than us much time outside of work, even if they sometimes work time and life time are compatible, they can through market development, awareness of various industries and get to know all kinds of friends, they say the more rich and development opportunities frankly than we are, as long as they like us hard work. (there is a diligent ordinary man, if he change places, he will immediately become a hard-working and outstanding person.


two. In learning technology, do not think that if the most skilled, you can become the 100% respected people.

once a person in the interview project manager said such a paragraph: "I only use the most obedient person, according to my request to do, as long as is obedient, you must, if >"

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