How did successfully apply for 360 official website certification

, Baidu, Sogou, 360 relatively, 360 website authentication easier, and is free, of course, Sogou website certification is free, but not easy to apply for success, to meet too many conditions, but Baidu wants you to spend money, do V credit certification or certification on the spot to do website authentication.

I believe why do 360 official website certification, this need not say more, do not understand, can see my previous article: "why do Baidu official website certification", the truth is about the same. Today mainly on how to successfully apply for 360, 2016 official website certification.


one. Register 360 account number, log in 360 stationmaster platform, submit company website to 360.

two. Click on the official website directly, will see the following interface, click Detect, you can only meet the following 3 requirements, and then to continue the next operation.


the three most likely the target may is "site safety inspection" this one, this may need to follow after detection of tips, and then let the programmer to modify some code like 360 security guards, convenient detection.

three. Official website for

if the above two steps are completed, click next to enter the official website direct name submission standard page. Before submitting your official website name, you must first meet the following four requirements.


you can submit 2 keywords, but the submission of the 2 web site keywords must be unique, have to prove that most users search the name, want to find is your web site, so that the probability of success is big. Just do a new station, do not recommend immediately do official website certification, because your brand has not spread, not many people to search, it is best to optimize the promotion period of time to apply again, otherwise, sure this step will be stuck in.

four. Mailing the "business license" stamped copy

congratulations! You’ve reached the last hurdle.


fill out the information, must be submitted by e-mail "business license" stamped copy of the best, the addition of a Ministry of the screenshot, screenshot is not too large, the best in the form of attachment, sent to [email protected] mailbox, the staff will review, the general efficiency will be higher, I is 3 the day before. You can always check the "official website certification" background, and if the audit is passed, you will see the "audit passed" words.


five. Modify the web name word "


if you start submitting names has been approved, but may be due to the user or search company development and other reasons need to modify the name of the website, you can send e-mail directly to the specified mailbox, 1-2 working days staff will help you to solve.



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