Love to shoot C round melt $38 million Valuation of $200 million is how to make

last week, love the original completed a total investment of $38 million C round of financing, the funds will be used for the construction of social marketing services Mobile Games video, which is invested by Saif lead investor, several well-known institutions and industry giants with investment. It is understood that the current round of financing contract negotiation process is not more than a week, the amount of financing created the domestic vertical video industry and the game’s basic services industry history financing record, the valuation has reached $200 million. If you are not very sensitive to this figure, then the I dark horse can be listed for you more well-known hand travel company valuation. For example, the recent hot touch technology, if there is no delay and listed in the United States, then the United States to its pricing is $540 million; and already listed in the United States, hand travel market capitalization of $400 million. This is in the United States two market, bull market.

, but what kind of shit is it,


now love film, simply provide an exciting game their performance can be made into a video and upload and share the UGC (User Generated Content) video game player community, now its business scope has been extended to help users create music, dance, animation, talk shows and more entertainment video UGC. Vividly, compared to the American YouTube, the main focus is on real-life sharing, while pat focuses on the recording and sharing of online virtual entertainment.

this will reach millions of users daily living in the B round of financing when the video community is how to make? I horse interview with the founder Wang Yinan love, the king Yi male oral:

source: I dark horse

reporter: Xu Lijun,

finishing: Liu Ximo,

why did I start doing business,


I majored in computer science. After graduation, I started 3D engine with several friends in Chengdu. That is to say, 100 million dollars later, I sold it to grand brocade day technology. When we do belong to the earliest batch of 3D, then Jinshan, NetEase several game companies have achieved initial results in the 2D game, want to start force 3D, Kingsoft CTO Wang Tao, NetEase COO to do 3D on jingle things with me, then I would choose to do their NetEase the first 3D engine, have been applied in a number of 3D games on NetEase.

after those years of experience, the reason from the NetEase out of business, the main technology is the feeling of character of the game is too passive, reliable planning is not completely futile, with the game itself too project, is not in line with my personality. I still like doing things that can continue to develop, even if only a little progress is made every day. So start thinking about the constants in the game industry, the more basic and universal directions in the industry.

at that time, NetEase also met Zou Guangxian, who came from other groups to support us. He was a technical man

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