Talking about the common methods of website content originality

do a website now, not like before doing that as long as a station, a station standing out in the open, open collector on the server, you can flow, with the development of the Internet, change before the copy and paste mode, if you want to have a lot of flow through the acquisition of the amount of time has passed. So we have to do the original, but it is not easy to do original, and there is not so much time, more energy, so this had to use the shortcut method is really original, the method is as follows,

1 first search engine search, see this article more, change the way for: title change, that is, the front part of the title to the back. Paragraph change, such as you find a very Ordinance article, want to put it into the original you can put his sort of upset about this paragraph search engine that you are original, the most important thing is to change the first and the last paragraph of the first paragraph, if the last paragraph headings and paragraphs order all changed oh you don’t become the original


2. article overlap method: for example, you want to send an article, but not original, you can take two or more articles to combine into an article. The topic and change such as: two articles, such as the original and not.

3. file rename method: this method is suitable for the download station. For example, my station is a high school English website, there are high school English lesson plans and the like, as well as courseware, I can download some of the courseware resources from other website. (of course you love the resource file compression RAR) I put these rar files and then unzip in to my website, the general courseware format for PPT I went directly to extract the rar file transfer ppt this is not the original. For example, you do software station, you can also extract the resources to send a ExE file (if you downloaded from other people’s Web site is EXE, then compressed him into RAR or ZIp), pay attention to change the subject. Add some more software. That’s the original.

4. from blog, BBS, Baidu know to portfolio, you can find some others in the BBS replies, and then change to an article. You can also find some articles from Baidu to mix. And blog is also a good place to find originality. Let’s play it freely,


                5. in the law: for example, my English lesson plans and test station that channel, should have made software page, but I made a general article, why? I’m on others website to download some rar files in the article then, but I did not upload compression after extracting files, but the contents of doc file copy of an article to my site. In this way, someone else is available to download, and I can read it online, so it’s original and, conversely, if someone else’s resources >

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